Call Kevin for a free quotation on 07768 936892
Call Kevin for a free quotation on 07768 936892

The type of work we quote for

We are always delighted to be invited to quote for work.
To try to communicate clearly how we position ourselves compared to other decorators, we have compared ourselves to the car industry, with which everyone is familiar. So, before you call us, the chart below will give you an idea of what to expect.

The guidelines below may also help you decide whether Cheltenham Decorators is right for you.

We love this type of work - call us We leave this type of work to other decorators
Any type of work for previous clients Builders and property developers
Private homes Private landlords and letting agents
Hotels Public sector work
Businesses Insurance work
Factories Gloucester and areas west of Gloucester
Cheltenham and surrounding area  
Cotswolds district  
Call us if ... Call other decorators if ...
Quality is important to you Cheapest price is the only thing that matters

You have a personal stake in the job e.g.

you live or work in the property

You think the place just needs a "lick of paint"
You appreciate reliability You want just a "quick tidy up"
You want someone who treats the place as you do You are a 3rd party who doesn't live or work on the premises
You typically buy on recommendation You intend to seek three quotations or more
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